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Originally Posted by User23621818 View Post
Its an awesome idea!! Archers have needed a fair boost for a damn good minute lol
apparently some people think giving a class most people kill in 1 hit a decent dmg skill would make us overpowered lolz.... The onl difference with this is I could 1 hit some of the tros I fight instead of w8ting all afternoon to eat all their pots they would have like 7 seconds to herc spam me to death after which 1 fixed intensify + rapid fire would do ohhh about 12K dmg =-)

and it would make less people use fly because they need full stamina to use that combo.

I killed a trojan 10 bp higher than me the other day cus he just stood there when i flew cause i got tired of bothering with his herc....

So i used that little Intensify + alt weapon trick.... 15K dmg with a lvl 70 glaive no socs... now that was cool mwahhahahah
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