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Originally Posted by Khev View Post
Double damage for a single arrow isn't that much overpowered, seeing as how it takes 7ish seconds for it to charge up. Then again, most would probably use it for rapid fire, which would sacrifice their flying ability.
theres really no point in flying these days any ways lolz WWK and Archer bane + the fact its a nubbish skill.

I would deffidently use this with rapid fire + another little trick I like to use =-)
Which I'm sure any competent archer knows about XD.

However my other point with this is so if i'm shooting a guy for 50s but i know he cant land a hit on me Ill be able to dish out more dmg when i do hit him.

I havent fixed my intensify again yet since first rebirth but im pretty sure its more than a 2X attack boost as well....

and as for the guy that said that would make archers op.... If an archer was even scattering people for 4K it wouldn't be overpowered because we die in 1 hit from virtually everything.
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