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Originally Posted by ~^A_Stray_Bullet^~ View Post
wow u have alot of free time to lvl lol... ama second rb warrior and lvlin is so hard or am just ttoo lazy to lvl btw am lvl 111
I'm going to say he bots his noobs to 120, bless rb to make a few dbs, then bots again to 110 to get the db after promo..
Some guy in my server admitted to being able to do 5 a day quite easily of leveling 1-120>15-110.

Overall 3 dbs per character - thats 15 dbs a day, that's potentially 450 dbs a month for using a bot.

All while they are using the noobs as mentor exp to quickly get themselves to 140. They managed to get one guy from 137-140 in a couple of weeks doing this method.

Anyone else see the problem here?
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