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Originally Posted by kindboy View Post
for OP : dont understand me wrong but these days no trust and 99.999999% no body will give u his/her items to bless because i am sure it will be expensive +6 dual socks and higher in value so i prefer you to bless a super item and save time

TQ wont give us the items back if suppose u take them because they made Trade partner Sys, Item lock Sys and Merchant Sys in order to secure our items . so if any body lose items TQ wont bother returning it back because we break the rules . END OF STORY
actually it doesnt break the rulez BUT u r right, TQ wount give gears back from this

anyway, i did blessed allready some +6 sup doublesocket gears like ring and headgear allready and gived it back right after bless, well, its on each player if he will take the risk

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