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Originally Posted by -water-priest- View Post
In general i would like to see a confirmation option, so that only a person from that specific country can use the flags, i see a fuck ton of Eggys running around with the Danish flag. Every time i'm like dissapointed as hell to see that. So either you anonymous or you wear the flag of your country.

Not sure how discerning the correct physical location of any user(s) could be accurately implemented.

It's somewhat puzzling why so many Egyptian players use the flag(s) of other countries to display next to their name, other than their own national flag. It's also very misleading, as you pointed out. Perhaps reputation and perception have a lot to do with that conundrum.

However, players are allowed to choose whatever flag they desire, for their own personal reason(s). I mistook such a player as being Australian and quickly learned that he wasn't an Aussie when he could only reply in عربى [Arabic] when I spoke to them in English.
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