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They used to be called suicide bows but they don't stop you flying any more. Whether they're worth using is another matter.

I just tested that you can still fly when the shield activates. The archer I took was only half-equipped and I thought it would be a quick test, so I took her out in the pheasants and turtledoves first, then tried scattering poltergeists and single-shooting at ghost kings. Maybe it's because the monsters were so low-level, but I did a good half hour of killing before a shield came up. It finally happened just as I'd given up and was heading back through the robins.

Maybe it would activate more frequently in monsters near your level. Or in PvP situations. Even so, you'd have to think about how you'll use the bow. If you're going to be mostly plevelling, for example, and it hardly ever activates it's probably not going to be worth it, in my opinion.

Maybe someone with more experience using them could comment on the activation rate?
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