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Originally Posted by Tuni View Post
And if u havent noticed; this is my suggestion for the udpate, opposed to making them completely unkillable..Id like to have a possibilty to be able to two combo kill stg taos and two chain kill normal chars with VP\DT..
taos has STG but they lose their atk, wars still have m-def thats how they can standstill and get more stam little by little and then continue to atk the taos
Taos can still do 5-10k dmg pr nado..given they dont go all out defensive; aka being able to survive 3 chars attacking him at once.

If I speedgun and VF an stg tao I except him to be dead.

With 30k attack and full sdgs(=most likely 1hit from stigged fb) you hit a full bless full stg tao for about 31k speedgun and you VF him for about 15.5k..thats a total of 46.5k dmg and gives him time to do 2 lifepotions at 7k each=32.5k dmg..meaning most current taos will survive, unless they have a shitty setup.
Thats the speedgun; which was supposed to be one of the strongest skills ingame + a VF...

Most wars have 65% block max, though mostly play with 35% (which is their "advanced reflect") after the first minute of the fight is gone unless they`re only doing the cheapshot zap\melee combo as stamina raping has become easy today and block uses a third of it\60secs.
max 75 block
Loose out on 2.5k hp for 10% extra only possible for a stg war

No tro will 2 shot a warrior if he only does 20k fbs, though if he does a 20k+40k chain, its a two shot; aka a norm fb hit and a blocked one.
tro has stig from wat-war-tro but war has their own block so it should be equal, if u allow wars to go wat-war-war and keep their perseverance it will ruin the balance
thats not equal...Wars defence does not lower the enemies attack, it only blocks it sometimes. Not to mention wars defense is at 19k-20k, any standard wat-x-x char with 15k defense and magic shield has the same; 15k*1.3=19,5k defense.

A warrior with 30k attack VF`s for about the same damage as a stigged 30k attack tro hercs for while his FB`s are about 1.5x more dmg. They also have the possibility of higher crit and break(goes for any attack class except warriors).

AND you are LUCKY if you two shot a 40k hp tro(which is not long till most will be because of the jiang hu), with 27k`s DT\VF`s....
ure lucky too if u 2 shot a tro with war... tro has lower hp and war has higher hp so again it equals again
Its equal that pure wars gets a couple k`s more hp then a tro(not even mentioning all the other classes who reallot) while tro`s does almost 50% more damage?

Everyone can use a spear, Speedgun does not 1hit any full stg chars and Swords Phoenix stigged does about the same damage...while a stigged tro with dagger\club who lands a Penetration does way more damage.
ya most of ppl are club/sword/blade combos not many ppl are having daggers + dagger still had lower chance to hit than speedgun and it has lower range than 2 handed weap
A tro can buy a +12 spear for 20dbs and stig himself without sacrificing anything, he would even have more HP than a non pure war with spear. Though only a Monk\Ninja\Tro\Pirate can get enough damage(two 1h handers) to 1 hit a stg tao; using stigged dagger at 30k attack=about 49k dmg to a full stg tao. Warriors cant touch that, especially not Pure wars.

What I suggest is increased VP\DT damage(ridiculously low at this moment) and SpeedGun; thus making it remotely possible to kill the new wave of high hp stg taos in a two combo and other non stg chars with a 2 chain of VP\DT.
i guess u mean VF/DT, hope so... with this i can agree with u, making SS/FB/VF/DT more dmg like SS/FB 135 and VF/DT 125 (currently they r 130 and 115)
Increasing VF\DT from 115->125% is nothing; that just equates two a 2.5k dmg increase on a 15k defense full blessm no stg char; from 27.5k to 30k. And speedgun would still do shit damage to full stg taos.

And to let warriors be able to get equal BT as other chars on the expense of their high Counteraction..

The CW Im ok with being this low I dont want to see more CW`ing warriors with high counter and 30 BT who just fight noobs who do 3k hits on them.
Let me summarize it up:

Is restricted to 1x 1hander + shield unless he likes to be onehit by basically any stigged char. He looses CV, speedgun and a decent amount of attack compared to the classes who`s able to use two 1h`s. So basically he is restricted to fb and zap+melee(dagger\sword or whatever).

Speedgun is not even close to killing stg chars anymore.

Pure warrior`s VF\DT does as much damage as a stigged herc\wwk.

Pure warriors have about the same defense as a 15k defense wat-x-x char with magic shield.

Pure warriors were great up until the point of Jiang Hu which gave massive HP increase and some Attack increase; thus largening the gap between low dmg skills and high dmg skills; aka mainly stigged chars vs non stigged chars in terms of damage; and making it much harder to kill stg chars.

Also I dont get why we debate warriors vs trojans. You also have Ninjas\Monks\Pirates and Assassins; where pirates are on top of the all out attack chain.

Speedgun already 1 hits all non stg chars so it dont matter if the attack`s increases in that regard...the point is it should atleast come close to killing non azureshielded stg chars.

And a 2 chain of VF\DT from a maxed warrior should kill non stg chars unless they got a high dragon rank, else its just a noob killer.

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