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Originally Posted by Tuni View Post
letting x-war-war have the persevarance is going to ruin trojan... trojan is for atk warrior is for def tro vs war = equal dmg
That depends on the update they`ll get.

Best build Trojan has;
FB\SS at 169%
Herc at 117%
And Phoenix\Penetration=God knows what dmg ratio, but its onehit, just as speedgun, though penetration=stronger=more chance to kill stg waters, (which have become insanely hard to kill after the hp increase).

Defense is worthless, unless you use 3x def shield and even then 15k defence is more than enough vs 20k...

A wat-war-tro with 30k attack FB`s me for 41,9k dmg, while I VF him for 27.6k that defence is not too visible now is it..

I CW him for 20.6k, he hercs me for 27.3k..

The only good defence stat wars got left; is a little extra hp and block. Though Monk, ninjas, pirates etc all got low stat requirements on their gear and can get basically as much extra hp+/-...its only tro`s who got 176 strength requirements on their weapons, but again; they`re gonna recieve a update.

This update will put warriors DT\VF`s at 149%, while tro`s FB\SS will still stay at 169% + whatever their new udpate is gonna be.
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