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Originally Posted by User223613543 View Post
Hey Gm, im playin char CookiE in Gem world server crystal. im just realli curious abt demon box. Im not sastified with wat gm did on demon box. I spent like 2000usd somthing in this game just to try to win demon box cps. I wasted my cash and even my 2soc tro gear for those demon box Gm created in the game sayin we will have a chance to win lots of cps. But it seems like unfair for all players. Like i said i spent more than 2k usd but it ended up i win nothing in demon box. Im realli mad abt tat. I hope u can fix the demon box make it fair to everione. I wish i can get my cps back. I hope Gm can fix this problem. Im lost everithing now.
You do realize DemonBox is basically just like gambling. You know that you have a risk of losing, yet you still keep doing it. It's your choice whether or not to stop or keep going.

Originally Posted by Snikersons View Post
falled and failed if i buy those boxes than those 10cps only might be worth but not worth to spent 2k cps for xp
2000 USD*.
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