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Originally Posted by Konker2020 View Post
First, yes it is possible to be the apprentice of your apprentice's apprentice, although I don't see why you would put that extra character in there as Matt said above you don't get full exp from your apprentice's apprentices. You get 25% of exp gained from their apprentices.

Perhaps being your own apprentice's apprentice would be possible with reincarnation? I want to try that now honestly, I have done that and my ninja is 137, my water is 136 and my monk is 134, the ninja is the mentor of the water, water is mentor of the monk, monk is mentor of the ninja, so as I reincarnate 1, they all level up at the same time, just at different speeds. If I could cut my ninja out of the chain I would love it cause I don't use him no more and I get more exp for my water and monk.

I'll test it out on my next reincarnation and let everyone know!
Look forward to seeing the results
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