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Originally Posted by Khev View Post
First of all, the botjail chances to get released have been increased, to 5 times.
You have to pay 4,300 cps for the 3rd time in, and 10,750 for your 4th time.

Second of all, the Sound of Music quest was ended.

I honestly think that no one in their right mind would pay that much to get their char out of botjail, and I was under the impression that the Sound of Music quest would have been on for longer than a month cause it was supposed to be Long Term.

The link for the Patches notes is here.

What do you guys think about this?

Edit: And of course the Easter Quest isn't working for the most part according to some of you.

............. This kinda defeats the purpose of perm botjailing doesn't it? They, either, should have left the botjail thing alone or changed it to 2nd botjailing is your last chance and the 3rd 'strike your out' type of deal. They give waaaaay too much leeway for botters to bot. It needs to be a bit more 'military strict' if you ask me.....

As far as the easter quests go.... didn't they just come out with those and now they are taken away even if they were bugged? I don't remember getting to do them..... xD
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