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Originally Posted by Khev View Post
First of all, the botjail chances to get released have been increased, to 5 times.
You have to pay 4,300 cps for the 3rd time in, and 10,750 for your 4th time.

Second of all, the Sound of Music quest was ended.

I honestly think that no one in their right mind would pay that much to get their char out of botjail, and I was under the impression that the Sound of Music quest would have been on for longer than a month cause it was supposed to be Long Term.

The link for the Patches notes is here.

What do you guys think about this?

Edit: And of course the Easter Quest isn't working for the most part according to some of you.
I think I'm truly irritated that the sound of music quest is gone. Granted, the rewards sucked for it, but it was at least something that I could participate in around my hectic school schedule. Additionally, love the Easter bug. Going to go find someone to shoot in the face now.

5367 is out now too...

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