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Originally Posted by BounD View Post
Happened to me too. I also did what Dark~Colossus said but the reply I got from the "higher-up's" were exactly the same.

"We're sorry, we cannot help you. You have been caught by our anti-botting system as using bots or an illegal program. Thank you for your understanding, have a good day."

or something like that. I spent $1000 on this game and they jailed two accounts of mine that day. Just by logging in my seller later got him bot jailed aswell. All my meteorscrolls were stored on him.
What ended up happening, did they end up getting you out, or did you have to pay to get out?

Here's the reply I just got from the "higher ups" Now, I honestly think this is just an automated repsonse, and they did ABSOLUTELY nothing to check into my case, and just cause I mentioned botjail they automatically reply saying you have to pay to get out and do nothing to help you, even if you spend money on this game. Below is the reply I just got, how much more pathetic can the help from this games customer service get?

"Dear Customer,

We are sorry to inform you that since you were involved in abusing bots, we have to send you to the botjail for your violation. You may have to pay the fine CPs to get out there.

Please keep away from any kind of bots in future.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. "
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