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Originally Posted by Tommit View Post
I agree with ya, they did it so we couldn't share the VIP among other accounts obviously, but how many of us really want to lose our VIP to give to someone else jsut so they can get a benefit and then wait to get it back. I use my VIP's for my other accounts, my other TQ games, and my main. So unbinding is just a feature for me to use for myself. I see no harm in replacing the VIP unbind button and really hope people can stop putting it down as if it will ruin the game, which it will not.
You forgot: now if you bot\cheat on the account it will hit harder if u get perm banned.

I prefer this over the previous version, basically you get 3x vips of your current level and lower costs to get a higher vip and Im not gonna make more then 3x accounts who need vip. Though we did get shortchanged for 1x ip, was 4x originally, then they changed it at the last minute.

So it would be nice if they added maybe 1x vip you could bind\unbind to any account you wished..though I doubt they`d do it as they obviously wants more people going vip1 and a remote warehouse is a neccessity if you going to have any what so ever chance of winning.
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