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i know how u feel, but they wont help you, only way to go back and play again, is to get out of bj and make new account like it happen to me, and when u make new account dont trade with no1 in game or folow a stupid person in market droping metscrols or things like that because their " perfect system" will get you because u had an item that other random ppl that you dont even know, got by botting, therefore u go to bj because tq doesnt know how to identify that, you know??? like when some1 fabricates you a case. For example, i am the king of my server and i decide to bot and then drop all my botted items in market and since i know tq's system doesnt work, every1 who picked the items are now botters Yay! now i dont have competition in game , cause i put every1 in bj!!!!
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