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Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
In reality, have you ever seen a brand-new item sold in store cheaper than a second-hand one?

I doubt there would be any, and even if there is, it would be very rare.

I would like to throw out an example like this, the marketplace for the game is like a huge second hand market, cause all those items are earned or bought from us, the official provider/shops.

And the second hand items sell at a different price and usually cheaper than the official one. Understood.

But if you're asking the official shop to take the price down to the level same as the second hand prices, that'll cripple the whole system. The sellers will sell cheaper again, and the buyers will ask for the much cheaper stuff from us again. That's just a loop, don't you see that?

Economy is a complicated thing, people's desire to get thing for the least price is always there.

I can foresee what kind of reax we'll get from the players if we really set the price the same as the market offers. Imagine that it's getting cheaper, and the supply outnumbers the demands, and the prices go way down.
The way it is set up now, really hampers TQ's profitability on these rushes.
The mall has 3 different types of items, Critical, Vanity, and Dropables.

•Dropables are items that can be acquired from monster drops, and such these items are always much lower in price than the mall.

•Vanity items are just items that have no real affect in the game. Weapon accessories and garments for example.

•Critical items are items that can ONLY be obtained by the mall.

Dropables. In my view, dropables should not be in the mall. Not only does it clutter it up, but is very pointless if players and bots acquire them at a rate that the dropable items in the mall are simply ignored.
Just remove them.

Vanity items. Vanity dropables(VD) and Vanity Criticals(VC),
•VD If they can be found by any means: Quests, Monster Drops, Yearly Events, etc. They should not be in the mall.
•VC Pretty much stay as they are.

Critical item. Criticals pretty much stay the same. The player market isn't too far off from the prices, and the only reason they are is due to lotto. Which is accessed from a critical item.
I would suggest removing normal CP gains by any means in-game events, and turn all those CP events into Bound CP events, while opening up mall items to be bought with bound items that comes along a hard limit.
Like bound items cannot get higher than phase 2 in dragon souls permed.
But that is a suggestion for another time.

Simply open up the items that can be bought with Bound CP to make the Bound CP event worth while, and removing normal CP from events will make it so that money has to be spent in order to upgrade normal items.

By focusing on the critical items rather than dropables, shopping rush events, saving events, etc will actually have some meaning. And since critical items can only be bought from mall, anybody underselling will have either got them via lotto, from the mall, or prize event, all of which require money to be spent to acquire them.
While the dropable items will carry on as normal and not be affected if removed from the mall. Dragon balls being excempt since the drop rate is so rare per person that it is justified to be in the mall, and players already accepted and trade at a 1:1 cp ratio for DB's, while the only thing that fluctuates is the money per CP, which is good.

I hope this post made some sense.
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