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Originally Posted by MicDeath View Post
I wouldn't exactly call those "deals" to be honest.
Take the largest one for example:
Perm stone: 395
+3 Stone x2: 108
These two items are the ONLY mall items that are close to mall prices in almost all servers.
Value of valuable items: 611 cp

Praying stone are pretty much worthless in servers. Ms on my server go for 50cp to 75cp, and that is IF they even sell. I am still sitting on 10 or so unsold for those prices.
Anyway, mall price is 272

20mill silver bag. Ok, so server prices, this is worth generally about 215 CP or ~93k silver per CP, and mall price for 5mill silver is 110 cp or ~45k silver per CP.
This would be a great price IF the person was paying silver for CP, not the other way around.. Anyway, TQ valued this as 110x4=440 CP
Total of useless items: 712

Total CP cost for all: 1323, of that 611 is actually of any use.
The cost required to make the baseline of 611 is too high. (By getting the super discounts)

In short, there is zero savings in this at all.
Agreed, the shopping mall prices need to be adjusted to better fit our servers prices. I know not all servers are the same, but the shopping mall and resale price are way different.
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