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Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
Yep, that's what I was told, and just to clarify what has been stated in the news feed that the nobility will be reset (to the previous after paying a percentage).
Could you find out more information about this? I would love to know more!

Originally Posted by 0.o View Post
with the nobility, would the better option not be to give the player a 'full refund' in their bank account on the new server, so they can buy nobility back on the new server?
You could even turn it into a voucher that can be used on destination server to buy nobility. But there'll be players who probably prefer their money back now that there's all this new gear to level up! (eg a pirate might prefer money to make their pistol higher + level rather then nobility?) -at 4kCPs you might want to give the player that choice...
This wouldnt be possible as a lot of people use their bound cps in nobility. Maybe a voucher would work, but definitely not a full refund
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