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Originally Posted by ~KhAoS~ View Post
i get what you are saying that they are whinning because they are dying to people better than them and all but as you stated if properly geared laughing off wwks is no problem at all. my only issue with wwk is the dcing and when 5+ monks spam it on you.... sure the damage of that (AND HERC) could be less but as a +12 i dont mind
Yeah. That seems to be the major source of the whining although it seems like there are also some that don't know how to fight monks properly and just stand there letting themselves be continuously hit, which I was honestly surprised by.

I've never been disconnected because of wwk, but I believe it. I dragonwhirl through terrain that normally would stop me and it will just dc sometimes. Invalid jumps still happen although less than they used to. Hopefully TQ will work on glitches like that.

Delaying the opponent has its advantage, but the "stun" of wwk when countered properly is not much more than zap and less than speed arrow which have the advantage of not placing the user within range of a counterattack and not having a cooldown.

I think the damage of wwk and herc is fine. Neither one hit even a non defensive character unless there is a pretty radical difference in equips like you said. I like a little variety and herc was completely unusable with lessened damage. Wwk pretty much is now aside from against archers and monsters.

If I had to nitpick against monks it would be about soul shackle and perhaps the overall volume and wide variety of skills they get despite not much of a lack of attack or defense.
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