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Originally Posted by ~Matt~ View Post
Your joking right? while your stunned from wwk you cannot herc once, never mind twice. Monks with equal BP have a massive advantage with defence, regardless whether they are wearing 140 monk armour or level 70 tao robe like someone else said, the monk class is bugged to have more attack, defence, m-defence than they should. Heck, monks with lower BP can quite easily one hit tro's with higher bp without breakthrough or crit by simply getting triple kick to activate. That's 300% damage, 390% if the monk is stigged. And a monk that's worth anything can get a triple kick in 8 times out of 10 while you are stunned from WWK.
My cpu is too crappy to do video, but see if I can get someone to record it for me. Done it many many times. I'm starting to grasp the problem you're all having. Wwk is very escapable. I do it all the time. I feel weird having to explain to a bunch of plus 12's how to do it. So why don't you just experiment yourself. It's very easy.
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