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Originally Posted by PatternistSlave View Post
@OP. With comparable gears wwk kindof tickles. Who would I point and laugh at if you took it away? I'd like to see other classes be able to unsoulshackle though.

@Everyone else. Grammar nazi's make baby Jesus cry.
Your joking, right? If they are higher BP, you can't even do anything to them. If they are lower BP but still within 10, your damage is lowered so significantly that you can't 1 hit them or sometimes even 2 hit them.
Full +12 King monk with no STGs and a level 70 ninja armor and archer plume
Full +12 King trojan with no STGs and completely maxed out gears, critical refineries with grim hammers.
The monk will hit the trojan for anywhere from 10-14k, yet the stigged trojan is lucky to even hit 10k. How does it make sense that a monk with a level 70 armor and headgear takes less damage than a trojan with completely maxed out everything.
The problem is that monks have this very spammable skill, I believe you know it, whirlwind kick? Did you know it is only 10% less damage than herc, BUT it has a massive stun to replace that damage, making it insanely easy to use wwk in quick succession. Even if they don't 1 hit you the first time, they will the second time if you are still low. And if more than 1 monk is attacking you, or a monk and a fire tao, don't even try to fight back because you'll be stun locked until the monk is out of stamina. Now add onto this the fact that guards are available to every class. which many monks use. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but when you can't move, well... nuf said.

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