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Originally Posted by SilentStrike View Post
Just a little factoid. That guild he's in was a friends. Very old guild that I highly doubt he contributed to.
Kinda have to feel a little bit sorry for him though, I know what its like to be called a scammer, people just don't give up no matter what.

I had someone steal my gears, but I didn't say anything for a loooong time because I didn't want to make a big deal about it, I didn't want people to know I was dumb enough to get scammed. So when I made a new char and got the person to trust me, when I took their gears I got called scammer for months until I finally decided to tell everyone that I got scammed first. But for Khaos, he actually DID so those remarks must never stop coming, I still get called a scammer occasionally even now and its been a year since I told people that I got scammed and I was just taking my things back. I guess he deserves it though. Maybe one day he'll cave and give them back to the owner HAH.

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