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Don't even worry about it Matt, if he wants to try and tear apart my English he can try all he wants, but he never will. It's quite rare that I make a mistake unless it is intentional because I read and re-read everything I type at least once.

Even if ther is tht much proplem four him too finger out the englihs I'm speak he's not realisse that Canadan Englihs is moer accrate then Amercan Englihs becuaze it is derrived from Europen Englihs.

As for you Khaos, In response to my post not being on topic, maybe you should look at your own posts and your post count. I have yet to see a post from you that has any relevance to a topic... Oh that's right, you made your "lower guild arsenal requirements" thread which seemed pretty genuine. But of course... That's coming from a noob who steals everything he's ever had on CO and therefore no one trusts him enough to join his guild so that he CAN get 15 BP from it.

Does it frustrate you that I and many other people with far worse gears have a 15 BP guild and you don't? Maybe that is why you troll Colossus so much, you don't like the fact that some 290 BP noob got a 15 BP guild pushing him above 300. Guess what buddy, my guild was level 9 with 15 BP when I was full 2 socket +6, now that I have +12s it'll never go lower than 15 BP, level may go down because I kick inactive members and -donations every week, but the BP never will. Sometimes you just can't walk the road of loneliness and win. That's why scamming is frowned upon, not because you are taking someone else's things, but because no one will ever trust or help you again.

Edit: Lmao just read his signature, if its accurate he only shares 11 BP from guild, either that or he shares 6 BP from guild and 5 from mentor. He probably enhanced them all by +2 and made the weapon +1 with his 2 +12 katanas LMFAO pathetic.

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