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Originally Posted by 4541953 View Post
Dear TQ Team please fix the lags on servers. Players have been asking this for such a long time now.

On Volcano almost every day we have pings higher than 5000. This may be not all day long, but very often it lasts for several hours, so it gets impossible to play.

I think we are paying for this game, some of us maybe only 100$ other 1000$ and others even more, so we may expect this game to run smoothly and with a minimum of optimal performance. Instead of trying to improve the game by introducing new features or quests, I would much more appreciate if you put more effort in stabilizing the game and its performance itself. I do not need colorful painted easter eggs, refined trojan packs*, a 1-handed sports bag, disguise amulets or pointless quests if i cannot play the game itself.

*btw refined and unique trojan packs and things like these: I have the impression they have been put into shopping mall and lottery so that lottery chances to win decent items are decreased. No one needs full refined gear anymore. Those times have gone, it happened 5-6 years ago... For the game play itself and its performance all these "improvements" are absolutely useless!

Please take such suggestions and postings of your customers serious, especially the ones when it is up to game performance.

I cannot use a sports car with all gimmicks if it has no fuel, and so I cannot play a game with a ton of features if the game/server is laggy and has no performance.

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Would love to see Elite packs introduced and have them replace these crappy worthless packs.
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