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Originally Posted by 0.o View Post
I've noticed at least 4 types of lag, pls confirm with the techheads they're working on all of them?
1) basic slow ping lag... Basic fix: minimise required network traffic for game to operate, eg reduce active zone size & hence info needed to be loaded onto client from server. (create virtual 'bubbles' around a player & only load what's close enough to matter) - I believe that's what you were attempting to fix earlier today/yesterday? -users can help reduce ping by using only 1 client when it counts, closing skype (skype specifically has the ability to use your device as a hub for others... but don't run any other internet active programs) In my location we have issues with ISPs oversubscribing lines so that if the whole street is online I can forget about any ping below 1K.

2) frame rate lag: more stuff changes then client can keep up with: well that's mainly a player/client side issue, provide sound advise to players (just because its common sense doesn't mean people know). eg: if its an important event like arena, don't have 3 clients running (that advise helps for the '1) ping' issue as well, but there's loads of things here...not the least of which helping players establish whether that is an issue for them)

3) server side inability to 'cope' with the load. Noticed this one a few times as well, frame rate great, ping low, yet still lagging & lots of stop-race start movements, NPC mobs 'jumping' large distances from A to B instantaneously. This is some of the lag probably caused by the multiclient bots, old software, etc. which don't use clients... upgrade hardware, split servers, etc... can only be fixed by your techies.

4) login delays, clientless bots probably pwn the authentication servers massively with continuous requests to appear here there & everywhere... again something to fix at your end by your techies.

I hope this helps... peace out (Meph PM me if you want to have a serious discussion about this sometime...).

5) these damned forums lag out all the time as well & are getting worse. overdue for a patch upgrade for sure. I had to re-login just to post this!
1) While on a 'normal' game the problem is usually on the users end. On Conquer, the server plays a serious role and seems to have trouble handling the work load. What you said about 'bubbles' is already done. Conquer doesn't send information to your client about a person whos more than 24 coordinates away.

2) Once agian, this is a result of the #1. As the server has a hard time processing things, information is sent significantly slower than in what would normally seem "real time".
Previously, you could jump around even if you were lagging (and as a result, you could tell because nothing would be spawning). Now, you get the "you cannt jump this far error" because the client bases its internal location off the last reply to the server.

You can easily test for lag on a server by how fast you can change PK modes (because the server echo's your request back which then changes the mode client-side).

3) Same as #1/#2

4) Nope, actually the auth server replies nearly instantly. The login delay is a result of #1/#2. You do not see in game until a little bit of information has been sent over the game server, which is lagging. Therefore, the longer that information takes the transfer, the longer you sit idle at the logging in screen.

5) Can't really say much about the forums, haven't looked into it.
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