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灯泡 Please quit spamming the forum

Every post I read as well as the new found private messages (when I am a mere member...nothing more) has been pertaining to a person being banned, hacked, scammed, blocked, bot-jailed, or something of the sort. The proper way to deal with this is to first contact customer service (Help Desk), then if you feel the need to make a post, come to the forum and create a new thread where you can explain your situation for others to view in hopes that a Mod might pass it along. But do not post under a thread pertaining to something completely unrelated, and/or post it in every visible thread. Your thread will be seen, so don't over do it making us instantly scroll past it because we seen it in the previous 100+ threads. Also a member (just like you) has just as much control and say so over the situation, so if you can't deal with it...neither can we. One post is good enough!

PS: I am quite certain the post will also appear in this thread, so let's see how long it takes lol.
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