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My first main was named Raven_Queen, I have no idea why. I was a bit goth back at that time, but I changed the name to ÈmprêsS later to make it sound less goth but still something mighty.

My other character is called Astraea, I took it from a game called Demon's Souls (Maiden Astraea).

I have 2 waters called Aquigenus (latin means born in water) and Millie (I just like the name).

I have a pure warrior called Nina (named after my sister). I have 2 archers named Sulphur and Vanille (I do often name characters after chemical elements) and Vanille because I like scent of vanilla and Vanille is also a character from FFXIII.

I also have 2 pirates, Ellie (named after Last of Us character) and XiaoMei (named after a character from House of Flying Daggers, it's a Chinese movie).

I have a monk called VengefulSpirit after a Dota2 character.

And yes I have too many accounts <_<'' I just love starting over.
IGN: ÈmprêsS 130-130-134 Server: Eagle
IGN: Astraea 126-127-106 Server: Reminiscence
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