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Default how can GM help Hacker to took my item's free

Hello All Team and All Players
i am players and i am from Egypt , my account has been hacking in time date 08/04/2013 and i file account issue in this time and Our GM Penny help me because i am offer all correct info and make to me reset password The reply GM: We have reset your password to: 23544SE5RRER. For the security of the account, please reset the password on the site Please protect your account carefully and never share the account with others. Thanks.
and after logging my account find my item's all stolen and send to Penny GM please help me this hacker taken my gears sir and Penny and Oirrs <<All This GM not like this hacker and need ban it so see what is reply from here:We would like to tell you that only accounts with Level 1 VIP or higher can be filed a Lost Item case. If you have VIP accounts, please file a Lost Item case at: Our GMs there will check it soon. ,i go to another friends in egypt she talk me here dealer and can file case for you , i go to her and make this case and Penny know my registered email address has been stolen this hacker stolen it and make reset to all info about first reply i get it from GM after me offer full correct info i can give your account to you now and we should offer full new info and after me send this info to Manager GM hack case , see message from Ivy GM about 20 days she make only reset info and reutrn my item's from This hackers find Ivy Talk me we should taken more time to Checking your case for you , i talk she take your time because i am sure me really Owner i am very sure this hacker All players know my info about my registered email address stolen and offer it to Ivy and Ivy trust them and unbanned my account to this hacker but she ever time ask me and me answer she , she ever time talk me back your registered email address from The service Yahoo and all problem with Conquer will solve , but after me back my correct registered email address , see something i never know why Ivy do it ? and why Ivy ever time need help this hackers she talk me this reply :Greetings,
If you are the real owner, we would like to suggest you turn to the Customer Service of Yahoo to take back the registered email, , then all the problems about the Conquer accounts will be resovlved easily with the valid registered email address.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!
and me already accpet any deal from hack case team and me never ask them why you ask me that and how can me back registered email has been stolen , i need to know Can GM Lie to players? Can GM taken money for this hacker to do it? how can manager hack case talk me all item's locked by your account and after unbanned my account find no have item's return ?? i think Our GM not do any help for me did you know i file more and more hack case from more VIP account i lost all case at this years i need to know now why all that and what should to do now?i lost full item's 2 sock and can't me back it because the GM Ivy need help this hacker Ivy please if you will see this message talk me why ? what me do for you do it ? i can't understand why all that please really i need your help i need this hacker stop hack my friends in games please help me
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