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[QUOTE=12127957;35437]In 1st i ask our Gentelmans"TQ-Team" to help me in my problem,2nd Please try to help me cuz really i am not guillty and i am not bad guy useing botting also i am not lvling by botts and out gentelmas can ask anyone about me,So really i sure on my self i am know that i am not useing botts that y i report our gentelman to help me in my problem i enter the botjail in 7th or 8th time ,btw... i am a high bulker and i am not break the rulse and since i started playing co i 1st read the rulse and i click ok on it cuz i belive my self that i will never break it and i am not plan to use botts and i dont know why i enter the botjail and i dont know the reason yet and my acc i spend money on it and i have anther alot of acc i spend in them too also i have 2 acc VIP 7 and if our gentelman didnt belive me u can ask me about type the id and full info if u want also i love this game and if i was none care for it i will left it but really i cant leave it same and i am not planning to leave it never ever so please our gentelman get me out also that please get me out the jail and if i did anything else enter me to jail again in same day my friends T^^O^^M^^A and Master.Of.Hell was in botjail and they getout cuz really that was a bug from patch i think or something like that "Thank you our gentelman to read my Msg and i wish i getout really i didnt do anything please get me out "free" i didnt do anything wrong
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