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This is a hoot. But I think I may on be to something. Last nite I went in TG, had a rough day didn't wish to play. I'm a 24/7 player when I can log in. Watched a little netflix, got a late phone call forgot to shut the browser down and got up just a while ago logged off all of except CO and hit log in without shutting down and BAMMMMMMMM BANNED. Now. Since I don't bot, wouldn't waste my time on such junk, there is only a few answers left.
1. The fact I didn't log off and had Netflix running in the background generated
the same conditions or signature if you will of an illegal external program.
IE: a hex editor, botting program, etc etc.
2. Or, because I didn't log off at 4:00 am and upload the patch their antibot
system just assumed I was an unmanned automated logger.

Either way, I'll wait it out, I can live without CO for 24 hours. But I must say GREAT JOB CO: You have managed to come up with a wonderful anti legit playerbot. The world is composed of many things, and tasks, and CO is not the only egg in the basket. (MULTITASKING!!!!!!!!!)
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