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i have had the same happen to me a few days ago i have played for 4 to 5 years now i dont buy a lot but i did buy cps not long ago then all of a sudden i leave myself in twin as usual and go out shopping when i came back i found myself in botjail i am a mother of 3 and i have always enjoyed playin the game it a place to meet friends and have fun i dont even pk people i have always tried to help people to i am not a nasty person on there at all or in real but now the one thing i use to enjoy has been taken away from me i have never and would never cheat on a game i dont see the point in playing if u r going to cheat u have no sense of achievement playing that way but now i am sat in botjail with a char that i cannot use again it seems very unfair to me and no matter how much i ask for help i do not get it
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