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Name: Daniel

Character: Former "ReadMe" (Tro-110) in 2005,
Current "Daddy~Danny" as of 2012.

Playing time: Only 6 months in 2005-2006, paused 6 years, back now for a week!
(more or less that, can't recall, but it was the anti-bot system year)

Ambitions: To one day run my own server and skew all the botters / cheatters.
(give them all the frustration then send a email with evidence to the FBI)

Reason for playing: [Me in TC mine] I hate this game.
[other, angry] Why don't you quit then?
[Me, frustrated] Cuz its addictive!

Best moment: SO MANY, but lets get 3:

1) I browsed thru MMOSITE for many days, and at the time it had about
20 games, no more, it was just a simple plain page! And I picked Conquer.
It was wonderful, beautifull cartoonish graphics, funny dances, life-like TC
and a nice good guide, disguised as fellow lv.1 noob, helped me by that
mind blowing birth quest... I can't forget my first MO (massive online) day!

2) Besides that when I went to the apparitions and made 2 friends, also new
to the game. We faced lots togheter. You feel you're not alone!

3) When I and a friend attacked a RB in disguise, the old trick. He wouldn't die.
He just stood there and we stopped attacking him, scratching heads...
Boom! Noobs dead, RBs laughing, I gotta the WTF o,O face :P

Worst moment:

1) When a crazy kid who used to be the funniest RB I've seen moved.
Found him on facebook but never got a reply. Guess the war got him.
He was Egy, but a totally different one. Btw, I'm BR, but nice, ok?

2) When I came passing by after a year out and everything was different
but still a friend (former Helix) sees me. I was so shocked like a ghost
in the bunch, I couldn't properly spend time with him - Forgive-me!

3) All times I tried other games and missed something from CO.
The only thing I can thing about is I am indeed old school material!

Something interisting about me:

I'm from Rio! (de Janeiro, Ipanema, yeah).
My father is from Baltimore, 1944, from a brazilian family.
My mother is from Brazil but from a japanese family.
During wartime, my relatives were in a Jap segregatin camp.
After '45 they couldn't return home so they went to Brazil.
They lived in a "slave-labour" coffe farm and run in the night!
My grand-grand-father was libanese, and Mason.
My father was back in US in 61 as student and refused the invitation in '61.
Make love, not war! He returned to Brazil and finally met mom.

So thats me ¬¬ and yes, I look asian.
And I had an Apple II Plus with 64KB!

You may call me dannyboy IF you don't PK me.
You may call me whatever if you do, cuz ya'll be calling for help before the end... >:/
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