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Originally Posted by User28771105 View Post
lets do this after all boters and lags are fixed. and beside it is almost a exact copy from tq what they did for the event few months ago. i think this not a fair change for ppl who dont want to show there face on internet. let them make some screenshots and post them and say something about that that makes a better sence. and fair for everyone.

"special prizes" (7days things) not bless? not -1 or exppots for 140 players.
You don't have to show your face. You could be different and make it look like your character is talking by being really zoomed in... Or just do a voice over.... Something original is always good.

And I genuinely don't know the prize, but as only a couple of people will make it into the video, I can really push for it to be a decent prize. Some cps or a garment of their choice or mount armour perhaps...
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