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Default Anniversary Players Videos

Hi everyone,

I have been asked by TQ to organise a video. They would like a short video (no longer then 1 minute) from a load of players (I suggested VIP because we're the best) detailing your experience playing Conquer.

Your highs, your lows, why you love the game, how long you've played, what classes, what your favourite feature is, if you were the designer for the day what item or quest you would want to put in... anything like that.

Please try to stay positive, and if your video is one of the ones successfully chosen, there will be the possibility of a special prize...

Make it as interesting as you like, but make sure you get your server and character name in there, as well as some shots of you talking to the camera.

Upload your videos to any site you want, and post the link as a comment on here.

Lets show TQ and all the players our experiences and what made the game so great over the last 9 years.

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