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Originally Posted by kindboy View Post
Name : Hamza
Character Name: KING.HAMZA
Playing time: Since 2007
Ambition/Aims on the game : To be FULL +12 Without buying DBs from TQ
Best moment on CO: I met My best friend Hesham and won +8 warrior armor
Worst moment on CO: when my friend Hesham left the game but he is back now so lol no Worst moment any more
Job: Electrical Technician
Real Life Interests : Spend Time with my Family, Driving a Mercedes Benz Car
working and planing to be a Business Man , PS3 Gamer

Something about me : I like to be and look happy in fact when i see some one i smile
Nice meeting you, Good to keep a positive aura keep it up
Pure Ninja - LVL 140
Server: Element - Dark
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