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Originally Posted by ~Matt~ View Post
Name: Matt

Character Name: ~Ma††~

Server: Fairytales - Cinderella/Snowwhite

Guild & Position: <†Reapers†> Deputy Leader

Playing time: Since 2007

Ambition/Aims on the game: I no longer have any ambitions, as I no longer play game.

Reason for playing: I no longer play

Best moment on CO: Forcing an enemy to bulk just so he could 'kill me'.. yet he still failed.

Worst moment on CO: Losing heavily on demon boxes.

Age: 22

Occupation: Student - Studying Computer Forensics. I also work part-time in retail.

Something about me: I surf (the water sport, not surfing the net ) and love rock music.
Nice meeting you, I have never surfed before since i live by a lake and not many waves here but it looks very hard when i see people doing it by where my parents live.
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