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Originally Posted by User381650801 View Post

Im playing in server Tiger for some years, and tons of videos proofs with my main acc got sended for me. Now, im at BOTJAIL for nothing, and Tq until now dont show any kind of respect for me. Im here cause many of my friends told to me: " show ur problem to all, cause im scared about that". I bought dbs, play clean, hunt some botters ( video and screenshot maded ) and now, tq gaves back, jail me for nothing. Im need only one thing to calm down all my friends and make some justice:"Show here wtf i do to got jailed and why, in my server, nobody of Princes/Kings/Dukes knowing like botters for all ppls staying playing frelly. Until now 3 days are lost, but i wish TQ fix ur error and ask for apologies like is needed. All my friends will support and stop to play if nothing change. My personal friends are 2 kings, all my main guild, and some of best players at server.

Server TIGER

Level 136 ( 2 reborn, leveling to 140lvl )

Market Seller

Level 118, 2 rb
Backsword+12 Super Mana -7
Super Boots +5 1 soc STG -1
+6 Steed
Super Robe+5 2 Socs SPG -1
Super Tower +7 -1 2 socs Ref Gems
Miraculous Gourd
Super Bracelet +5 2 socs SPGs
Super Earring +6 2 Socs SPGs -1
Good EveningBear Fixed -1
Evennig Wear -1
Super Bag 2 socs Spgs -1
Super Fan +4 1 soc Ref gem -1

Market Seller

I made 2 socs set to leveling monk with DS fixed in all gears, and im leveling then at time, so, my best set is for leveling, but, if nothing change i will stop to play cause is hard make all things again when i dont do nothing wrong.

I really wish an answer fast, cause im upset and losing precious time in jail
hahahhah you got owned
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