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What is that ? Im with VIP2 growing to VIP3, and i know u my little friend, so, im really scared, cause im doing a full +12 char, and i dont want lose all my time and money to be stoled by TQ whithout a good reason to that. I play clean, and you are a friend from same country, same state and from my neighboorhood. I shure about ur clean play, nobody of us using bots, and TQ jailed you and let tons of other botters cheating freely. I hope justice come fast.

Cya bro

Server Tiger
Zaruatra 137 Level
SuperBeads +12 2 soc -3
SuperBeads +8 2 soc -3
SuperMonkFrock +8 2 Socs -3
SuperMonkHeadband +7 2 socs -3
SuperRing +12 -7
SuperNecklace +12 -7
and a lot more!

Tq needs watch real botters, and stop to jail innocent ppls without proves.
I really love this game, so, fix things now.
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