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server transfer sound good but as i will need to go to a european one will there end up being anyone on the server i go to that i can understand as all egy's will be going to euro servers aswell cant there be a quiz before you hop so i can join a server that has majority english speaking fed up with being whispered in chicken scratch sat thinking WTF ARE YOU SAYING then typing bk asking for it in english and getting kosmak as a reply o.O kind of annoying.
Also they dont understand the aspect of NO get random trades of mets and stuff in market its like no i dont want your met trade request recieved again tell them **** off dont want your goddam met leave me alone after about six attempts they finally get the point.
then gotta go through it all again with another one :S lol and i have heard alot of people complain about it.
yet still nothing is done.
but server transfer yes as long as i end up on a majority english speaking server.
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