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Originally Posted by WarDandan View Post
you know half this time i wonder if some of you even play this game, like really double warriors defense are you smoking pot? not like i already hit a maxed out warrior in xp shield 3k max with sting ss, and i am maxed out trojan with 62k attack. like really maxed out warrior has 29k hp, 22k defense, and around 47k attack using a spear, just because you dont know how to build one dose not mean TQ needs to double the defense. no wonder TQ dose not do 1/2 the poles you guys ask for on VIP forums, most of them are just completely restarted.
Then you need to come to my server. I have a base of 12k def and with xp shield AND block, a maxed tro STILL hercs me for over 25k (yes, that's 50k without the block, cutting through 36k def. Yet a monk with same BP and bless as me can tank that hit without xp shield? Something is amiss.

Warriors are supposed to be the 'defense' class. In order to be called a 'defense' anything, ergo giving up the atk that other classes get, then we need significantly more def.

Seriously a maxed out war and a maxed out monk have about the same def, but the monk will have 75% more atk. How does that sound like a def class to you?

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