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Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
Umm, set up 3 completely new servers just to brace themselves for the upcoming traffic from other servers?

Then what happened to the old servers? Merge them with other servers and shorten the names?

There is one theory set in place, I don't know if this could be altered or changed, but that's the mainstream theory thus far. The theory includes:

New servers cannot be chosen as the destination server if you want to move out from your server.

Classic servers don't allow players to move in, but it's permitted to get out.

Every player will ONLY be given one chance per half year to pay and pull stakes from the original server, and the previous two laws are still in effect.


That's what I've got so far, it's not finalized yet, maybe the agreement on how this will work will be reached, I'll let you guys know how it works.
Man, seriously, try and push for a few completely new euro servers, for us euro players to simply move straight too as when many of us started, there was not a choice to be in a euro server.. And from the sounds of it, to move to any other server, we will lose nobility, which is a kick in the balls when you have a high nobility!

Basically the servers I'm suggesting, open on the day of server transfer, which gives no unfair advantage, as it will instantly be filled with European players moving server..
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