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Originally Posted by Fudo View Post
The problem with that, while it sounds great on the surface, is why should only eur players get a free pass to a different server? What if Im in the US, dont like my server but am stuck here since this is where i sunk my money? Maybe I want to go to a diff US server where my pals are. Hell, maybe i WANT to go to a eur server! Why does a eur get to move and I dont? TQ would never hear the end of it. No, whatever happens has to happen the same for everyone, and thats a tough one to call. Unfortunately, there will always be someone somewhere who is unhappy with the outcome, but hopefully it will be fair and equal for all players everywhere. I am interested in hearing more about it tho, such as expected timeline (lol, i know, i know) and more details. Mephisto, can ya give us anything new?
Im not saying US players can't move.. as server transfer will be available to all, however, nobility will be wiped on transfer. But, for many old players, there were no european servers around when they signed up which is why im suggesting completely new servers just for europeans to move to which takes everything.

If your a US in a US server and want to move server, yes, you should lose something, same as if your a Euro in Euro server and want to move server you should also lose something.

What im suggesting is a way for TQ to be kind for those players that never had the option.
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