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Originally Posted by ~Matt~ View Post
I think the fairest thing to do, and i have stated it before, is make 3-4 brand new european servers, and give all the european players in US based servers the opportunity for a free transfer to a brand new server, taking gears, nobility, etc, with them.
The problem with that, while it sounds great on the surface, is why should only eur players get a free pass to a different server? What if Im in the US, dont like my server but am stuck here since this is where i sunk my money? Maybe I want to go to a diff US server where my pals are. Hell, maybe i WANT to go to a eur server! Why does a eur get to move and I dont? TQ would never hear the end of it. No, whatever happens has to happen the same for everyone, and thats a tough one to call. Unfortunately, there will always be someone somewhere who is unhappy with the outcome, but hopefully it will be fair and equal for all players everywhere. I am interested in hearing more about it tho, such as expected timeline (lol, i know, i know) and more details. Mephisto, can ya give us anything new?
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