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Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
In fact, the server transfer gets underway, right now the only problem is how we can prevent this service from being abused and exploited by some malevolent players to break apart the balance in other servers.

We are taking every aspect of the game into consideration, that's why it's still not publicly available. This type of service is always being worked on and improved to its relative perfection.

I agree with the OP on that time differentials thing, most people when talking about the transfer mentioned that they really want to move on to another server due to the inevitable timezone effect. Yep, I'll keep an eye on it and see how it will go in the next couple of weeks.
if you make the move a one time deal that would help prevent the upset but at the same time it would allow some of use to move our gears to a new server if we have decided to move on to a new server for instance i use to play on Thunder and now i play on Lucky7 and it would be nice to have my gear from thunder on lucky7 so i can work on +12s instead of +8s again
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