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Originally Posted by ArmyGuy View Post
do you think TQ should allow a server transfer allowing the character and all the gear and warehouses to transfer as well as nobility donation? i say it is a great idea it will allow ppl to move to a server that offers the PK tournaments more in there time zone I.E. if you live in the America's or Canada you can ensure you play on a US based server if you live in England, Turkey, France, Egypt YADDA YADDA you can play in EU based servers so that people in Egypt and England aren't bitching about getting the time changed and it happen then Americans and Canadians have a conflict of the time for PK tournaments I personally think all PKTs should be held around 1700-1800 server time on all servers also this will help settle the servers that are dying.
Maybe something like, Server Groups with different time zones? So you can transfer to a server that best fits your playing time? At the moment, there are 12 groups, excluding Classic and WorldPK. So over a 24 hour time zone, you can make them a 2 hour difference from each group.
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