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Originally Posted by kindboy View Post
VIP Gifts
In appreciation of the enthusiasm of the VIPs, we have prepared some fabulous gifts for these special people! From July 25th 01:00 - 26th 01:00 (PDT), Level 70+ VIP players can claim a Memory Agate (B) and a Lucky Amulet from VIPManager (TwinCity 439,387)!

So these 2 gifts are categorized as a "fabulous gifts" ?!! What the Hell ?
they keep gifting us useless items and the funny thing they Bound the Memory agate why do u think we will sell it ?

lolz They got our money aka they no longer give a damn

as to the above poster... lucky amulets yeah those are important items
for the memmory agates they are cheep and 10 to 1 90 pct of the people in this forum already have at least 1 if not more lolz
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