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Originally Posted by ~Nicknac~ View Post
tq delayed it 1 week

it will be next weekend event
That was the weekend event, rather than the Monday VIP giveaway event.


Personally, I'm very happy with the memory agates and lucky amulets.

I find memory agates very useful but hate trading them between characters because they lose locations. I stopped doing Dis when the most powerful guild on the server decided to keep ganging up to PK every other player in Dis, so the lucky amulets are very welcome. Certainly a whole lot better, to my mind, than a 7-day mount armour that you need a certain level of a subclass to wear.

If you don't want the items, you don't have to claim them, it's as simple as that. You don't even have to clear them out of your bag.

Thanks for the memories - and lucky amulets - TQ!
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