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Originally Posted by USER1_74 View Post
regarding bug / feature STG-SDG set switch I submitted a ticket on march, then no so fast fix.
regarding Fast Blade skill im 100% agree with you
personally i will increase damage to 150 % and stamina cost to 15 (and add 15 pct of BT when you select a skill that require a "skill" . (FB-SS-VF-DT) that will unbalance the game a lot but at least pro player will come back and unskilled player (i played many times fb in jail 7-8 y ago but im not a pro fber) will be encouraged to train it.
Well, that just proves it was an intentional limitation at first, then something changed.

And yeah I 1000% agree with the 15 stamina cost of the FB-style skills and I think they should go even further than 15% BT and give them 50% extra BT of the current BT; aka player with 200 BT gets 300% BT fb`s.

Though the damage is good as it is lol(except VF\DT), 150% + 30% Stigged FB is just overkill and they would onehit everyone except stg taos...thats equal to a 195% fb-.-

FB`s already at 169%(tro\nin\monk fb=130%, 130% stig)...

But It would be nice if they did some chain combo bonuses or something as people have suggested before, though the requirements would have to be a lot higher for palm\2fb seeing as how easy it is to combo for anyone with normal ping; aka maybe 1% dmg increase pr hit or something lol.

FB\VF\DT\SS=Chain combo=10% extra dmg pr chain-hit; Aka:
-1st hit 100%
-2nd hit 110%
-3rd hit 120% etc

TB=1%.(already does insane dmg, 2 chain is a deffinetively kill 99% of the time)
Herc\DW\CW\Schyteskill=3%(cos of the low dmg)
Blistering Wave=1%
Nado\Mortal wound=-10%

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