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Originally Posted by 8863254 View Post

No way. I think he`s an assassin undercover.

First off that shit was not a bug, but an intentional feature done by TQ..yet just look how fast it got "fixed", while fb still has blindspots from where it cant hit, viperfang looks like a spastic dude on a rave, low def mode is bugged and people are still running around using FPS unlocks with no consequense and they can still edit the magictypes...

Assassins should be required to wear a bow in one of the equipment slots to transform and stay assassins and not be able to switch between alternate gear\gear without loosing the transformation. aka Path of the Shadow; you dont do a full wardrobe change in the shadow path, thats just a dead giveaway.

I dunno about you, but if this is TQ and they are planning on spending even less on servers=more lagg for most and turn this into a assassins game, they are making a bad choice.

This game was the Counter Strike of the multiplayer RPG`s and why it became so popular.

Today its constant warping ninjas\monks, unstunnable pure waters which basically are unkillable tanks now(atleast for 99.9999% of the players), constant gunshooting pirates, 300 anti-break, 10-25k dmg doing taos and assassins with 40-50k hp.

And offcourse FPS unlocks; making it much harder to fb them.

This game has become way to expensive to enjoy; noobs arent even using pots in their fights which makes assassin and the taos massive new dmg unbearable..not to mention high end chars; you can easy spend 10kk a day on pots if you pvp..

TQ should recognize why this game became popular and try and work towards this.

Its the rpg element, the pvp element and the real value $ element.

And just stop with these kiddy quests every week( I know you do it to "promote" non botting but its making the game very cheesy), Im pretty sure most wants a rpg game where work pays off and the quests are fun\interesting and a part of the game; aka bluemouse quest lol, not a weekly new halfassed event.
regarding bug / feature STG-SDG set switch I submitted a ticket on march, then no so fast fix.
regarding Fast Blade skill im 100% agree with you
personally i will increase damage to 150 % and stamina cost to 15 (and add 15 pct of BT when you select a skill that require a "skill" . (FB-SS-VF-DT) that will unbalance the game a lot but at least pro player will come back and unskilled player (i played many times fb in jail 7-8 y ago but im not a pro fber) will be encouraged to train it.
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+12 super 2 SDG bow -7 (perm P6 DS)
2x+12 super 2 SDG knives -7 (perm P6 DS)
+12 super 2 SDG -7% ring (perm P6 DS)
+12 super 2 SDG -7% armor (perm P6 DS)
+12 super 2 SDG -7% hat (perm P6 DS)
+12 super 2 SDG -7% necky (perm P6 DS)
+12 super 2 SDG -7% boots (perm P3 DS)
+12 super crop -1
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