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Originally Posted by Rik_GTi View Post
Yeah I lost my VIP 6, but anyway VIP dosnt really get u anything these days, I know most the egys on my server who never spent a penny on game all have vip 4+ that they get from other ppl. They should make VIP players more special and also make it harder to share vip with any other acc thats not yours. I spent a bomb on this game and I dont feel like I get any perks that are worth the money I spent. VIP 5+ should get:

Bound -1 gourd

1000chi points a day

1 bound lvl 5 refinery every week of your choice

5 bound lotto tickets every week

1 free name change a year
I agree 100 percent

And all this only available to the main VIP acc (the one you credit to).
I agree 100 percent , should be
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